architecture #15 : royal ontario museum toronto

this building built with many architectural style as its soul. as shown at the original building, we can found italianate neo romanesque on the rounded and segmented window, decorative eave brackets and cornices. we can also found neo byzantine inspiring the eastern wing. rusticated stone, triple windows contained within recessed arches, and different color stones […]

Architecture #13: Georges-Freche School of Hotel Management

The most interested part of this project is triangular shaped aluminum which they use to make and create facade. The use of this shape allows them to adopt specific shapes such as curved and fluid. The facades of the building have been constructed using 17,000 cases of anodized aluminum in triangular shapes. Each aluminum case […]

Architecture #12: Dream Downtown Hotel

Thinking of stainless steel, I found one hotel which use stainless steel cladding for its facade. Placed in 17th Street New York, this hotel covers with stainless steel and circular windows. At the other side of this hotel, the architect use the same cladding which peel out at the ground  level for a hotel canopy. […]

Architecture #11: Liege-Guillemins Railway Station

The very attracting part from this station is the monumental roof. Use an arched roof, it extends over the five platforms for another 145m. In total, the 39 “ribs’ span 518 feet to cover the full length of an arriving train. Narrow canopies extend south like fingers past the main roof to shelter extra passengers […]

Architecture #10: Sagrada Familia

Antoni Gaudi never be my favorite architect. But however, when I visit Barcelona, one of the must visit place in my journal is Sagrada Familia. As one of Gaudi masterpiece, this cathedral is unbelievable awesome. There are many details outside and inside the cathedral, many carving, and some of feeling which I respect. With many […]

Architecture #9: Ordos Museum

What your first impression after look this building? A very large blob which polished with metal tiles. Located in the Mongolian dessert, this museum appears to have either landed in the desert from another world or to always have existed. This building is enriched with a convergence of naturalistic interiors, bathed in light. Visitor will […]